Monte Vista Landscape



LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SERVICE General Service Specifications:· Lawn: Mowing and edging of lawn.· Irrigation: Inspecting and monitoring the irrigation system. Our crew can change valves and operate the irrigation controller and do repairs. We are self sufficient and don’t need any outside help nor do we have another crew that would take care of this. The advantage is that our crew can spot irrigation problems and take care of them in the same visit.· Tree trimming: We can give you a quote for tree trimming when you are ready for the service. No tree is too big for us. For big projects a cherry picker is used and a commercial wood chipper.· Fertilizing: We fertilize the lawn about 4 times a year on lawns. Plants we fertilize as needed.· Weed control: We use herbicide on parking lots to prevent weeds from cracking asphalt. Also, we use herbicide where weeds can get out of control. We normally try to put wood chips on ground with bare areas so as to prevent weeds from growing in the first place.· Airblowing: We airblow parking lots, driveways, walkways and car ports. We don’t offer parking lot sweeping.· Planting: We do seasonal flower planting for most of our properties. We can help you with a landscape design to install flowers, plants and trees.